To complete your look, choose from our range of fashion jewellery from around the world...

Bahala Na translates loosely as 'whatever will be, will be'. This Fair Trade jewellery from the Philippines will complement your casual outfits.


Ciclon by Jackie Brazil is a contemporary range of silver plated jewellery from Spain. If you want to make a statement, this is for you.


Kazuri is a range of Fair Trade, hand-painted ceramic jewellery from Kenya. Each piece is unique and so you'll be wearing a one-off.


Michal Negrin is a jewellery designer from Israel, whose range evokes times past. Choose this for the romantic piece in your collection.


Rosie Fox is a British designer who combines upcoming trends with vintage glamour in her affordable yet luxurious collection.


Zsiska was founded by Dutch jewellery designer Siska Schippers. This fun, high quality resin jewellery is hand-made in Thailand.

Classic quality for your hair...


Kent hairbrushes carry the Royal Warrant. The brushes have been produced in England since 1777 and stand for quality and craftsmanship.


Give your hair the treat it deserves.